Hey @funkwhale users!
I'm looking for a based in that is rather cheap (~10€/month) and offers lots of (500GB min) to install on

Can anybody recommend something? Boosts appreciated!

I have a Netcup RS1000 with 300GB.
Contabo is cheap but the service is not great from what I've heard

@maximpistos @funkwhale is hosted by mythic beasts.

They don't do one in that price with that much storage, but they are always great at helping so maybe they can offer you something if you emailed?

@maximpistos @funkwhale has relatively cheap bare metal offerings. You can get a machine with 1TB HDD storage, 4GB RAM and 2 cores for about 10 euros a month.

@maximpistos @funkwhale maybe the Hetzner Serverbörse ( is something for you. You can get deals from 30€/month with at least a few terabyte (two HDDs) 16GB of RAM and a decent processor.

@maximpistos I'm using a Kimsufi server. Their service isn't great, and it's not a 10gbps up/down connection, but it works and its cheap.

@maximpistos Maybe you'll find a hosting provider via, a collective of free (Libre) hosting providers. Hope you can read French or use a translation tool :




Have my vps at contabo now, thanks for all the suggestions!

I tried out @funkwhale on @yunohost and it runs smoothly! One thing that bugs me, is that music isn't stored in the yunohost.multimedia directory.

But awesome people are working on it:

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