Now I'm finally able to stream my music collection via as a streaming server.

I'd prefer with their modern UI, but as its still alpha it lacks some functions that are important to me like .
That really is handy when it comes to saving mobile data. (Yeah...)
It was quite a mess tho to get flac > ogg transcoding to work with airsonic.

Airsonic isn't that pretty and less modern, but quite stable.

@maximpistos hi there :)

Funkwhale does support transcoding, though it's not configurable at the user level know (in the web app it's done invisibly from the user if you try to stream a file in a format not supported by your browser)

Funkwhale also support transcoding in the subsonic API, and should honor whatever format/bitrate your client requests.

Not saying that to make you switch or anything, esp. as you seem satisfied with yoir current setup, but I wanted to clarify 😃

Hey, thanks for stepping in! :)

I didn't specify that I'm rather looking for downsampling than transcoding, my bad.

According to
It is not possible to do
"Transcoding/streaming with different bitrates"
Which seems related to downsampling, right?

@maximpistos oh, our documentation is outdated then, because we do support downsampling as well!

For instance, this download the source track:

And this download a downsampled version:

It should also work with Subsonic clients if your client support the feature (I know DSub does, at least) :)

@agateblue oh, great!
So I can cross of one personal blocker of my list:) Getting exited about switching!

If I may ask: how do you handle large music collections with in-place import when meta data/tags get updated?


@maximpistos well, on that front, the situation wasn't brilliant until recently, but I've merged a contribution a few weeks ago that implement support for updating tags when source files change.

Our documentation reflect this already (, but the change itself will be released in Funkwhale 0.21.1 (though you can try it by using the master or the develop branch).

@agateblue great news!!
Will check it out as soon as it lands in

In the meanwhile I make sure to donate to both @yunohost and @funkwhale


The maintainer of the YunoHost package withdrawed from the maintainance, so I'm not sure when it will be up-to-date again unfortunately :/

@yunohost @funkwhale

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